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drain unblocking services
drain unblocking services
drain unblocking services
drain unblocking services
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Skilled professionals at unblocking a toilet

We understand the inconvenience and stress that a blocked toilet can cause at your home or workplace. Our skilled professionals are experienced at unblocking toilets quickly and efficiently. We have a range of different tools and techniques that we can use to get your toilet flushing again.

We offer a quick response to all blocked toilet enquiries. We know that it is an emergency situation, and we will dispatch a drain specialist to your location as soon as possible. Our engineers are highly qualified and experienced. They will assess the situation and give you a range of options to choose from. We always aim to provide an excellent service at a fair price.

From overflowing or excess water levels in the bowl to unpleasant odours, the problems remain persistent. That’s why we have a local engineer on call 24/7 to clear your toilet blockages quickly and effectively, no matter where you are based in the South of the UK.

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What causes a blocked toilet?

Your toilet can become blocked for a variety of reasons. The most common being culprits of clogged toilet bowls are flush down a large amount of toilet paper and human waste. There are a lot of foreign objects that, if flushed, will contribute to the blocking of your toilet as well. Wet wipes, excess hair, feminine hygiene products, and other paper products are common culprits for a blocked toilet so avoid flushing them. Be mindful of what you try to flush down your toilet bowl to prevent any unnecessary problems.

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Signs That The Toilet Is Blocked

If you have a blocked toilet, it will be quite obvious, and it is best to get it fixed as soon as possible. Some of the early signs that you’re dealing with a serious toilet problem are water slowly draining after flushing, the water level is rising in the toilet bowl, gurgling sounds, lingering bad odours, and an overflowing gully trap.

These are some of the apparent signs that a toilet is blocked:

  • Water level in the toilet bowl rises after flushing
  • Toilet does not flush completely or takes a long time to flush
  • Water starts to overflow from the toilet bowl when flushed
  • There is a gurgling sound coming from the toilet
  • Foul smell coming from the toilet bowl or drainage system

If you notice any of these signs coming from your toilet bowl, it is important to take immediate action to clear the unblock a toilet. Otherwise, it can lead to serious sewage backup and flooding problems.

Leaving a toilet clogged even just for a night can cause a lot of issues. Aside from the fact that the blockage might get worse, it can also be a health hazard as the waste material that’s left unflushed can cultivate bacteria. This will make it 10x more dangerous and unsanitary to deal with each day you leave your toilet blockages unattended.

Toilets Still Blocked? When to Call a Specialist

We understand that you may want to attempt unclogging a clogged toilet on your own, and while we highly respect DIY-ers, the problem frequently becomes too difficult to resolve with a toilet unblocker or a plunger. If the toilet is still blocked and the signs of the blockage are worsening, it’s time to call in professional toilet unblockers. The sooner you contact the experts for help, the sooner and less disruptive the toilet unblocking service will be.

If you have tried to unblock the toilet with a plunger or a drain snake and it didn’t work, it is time to ring the professionals. All Drain Services’ skilled engineers will quickly and efficiently unblock your toilet by using the latest technology and equipment.

Our drain engineers have years of experience in unblocking a toilet for a home or business, so no matter what’s causing your blocked toilet, we’ll be able to have it working in no time.

We respond quickly to prevent the toilet blockage from worsening and further disrupting your household. In the first instance, we will investigate what causes your toilet to get blocked and find the best solution and complete a toilet unblocking job.

Depending on the cause of the toilet blockage, we might need to use drain jetting, rotary mechanical drain cleaning, excavation methods, gully cleaning, or suggest another solution. Whatever the problem, you can rest assured that our professional toilet unblockers will fix it.

Why District Drains Solutions?

Having a blocked toilet isn’t something you want to live with for an extended period of time, which is why we are here to help you. All Drain Services are your trusted drainage engineers who are available 24 hours a day to provide you with a quick and efficient toilet unblocking service whenever you need it. Domestic and commercial customers alike can benefit from our toilet drains expertise and quick responses with no callout fees.

No matter where you are located within the South of the UK, you can always count on your local All Drain Services engineer to diagnose and resolve your drainage problems swiftly, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your toilet is blocked by organic material, such as toilet paper and feces, you may find that your toilet unblocks itself after an hour or so of being blocked. In this case, you may not need to take any further action. If, however, you notice that your toilet keeps blocking, and the toilet water draining slowly, this may indicate an underlying issue that should be resolved immediately to prevent any additional complications.

Chemical based drain cleaners like household bleach may be a quick solution to unblock a toilet if the blockage is small. The high level of chlorine present in bleach can break down organic material like toilet paper, soap residue, hair, and some fats and grease. For a long-term solution, however, it is recommended to have your blocked toilets and waste pipe assessed thoroughly by a professional. Items like children’s toys, sanitary pads, or any solid object can cause complete blockage to a toilet bowl.

There are a few telltale signs that your toilet is blocked. If you notice water starting to back up in the bowl, stubborn clogs, or it takes longer than usual for the water to drain after you flush, there’s a good chance your toilet is blocked. Another sign is if you see the water level coming up through the floor drain in your bathroom.

We have local engineers all across the South of the UK, who are on call 24/7 throughout the whole year. Our drain and plumbing services include: unblocking toilets, regular cleaning and drain maintenance, slow drainage inspection, and other issues related to your water drains.

Yes! We offer a 5% discount on all our toilet blocked and drain cleaning services for senior citizens.

No, our callouts are completely free of charge.

Our work will be priced based on half-hourly charges. Once the drain repairs have been made, any additional work will be carried out at an upfront fixed cost. Contact us to learn more about our unblocking toilets services and plumbing.

Yes! Whether you’re a homeowner or run a business, it’s important to know that your property’s drainage system operates efficiently and safely. We carry out CCTV drain surveys to assess both foul drainage as well as external drain and storm drains with an inspection camera, which allows us to carefully evaluate each blocked drain. After the check-up, we will provide a detailed report including what needs fixing, remedial solutions, and an estimate of the drainage costs.

Yes, we are recognised by the following organisations:

  • Water Jetting Association
  • NADC – National Association of Drainage Contractors
  • Federation of Small Businesses
  • EUSR – Energy & Utility skills register

Most home insurance policies will cover accidental damage to drain pipes, including those caused by blockages if they are the policyholder’s responsibility. However, these policies will often contain exclusions so it would be best to check with your insurance provider.

For simple toilet problems, you may be able to unblock the toilet yourself using a toilet plunger, wire coat hanger, rubber gloves, penetrating oil, and/or a natural product like vinegar baking soda mixture. However, if you have a more serious problem, you will need to contact a plumber. Plumbers can use various techniques to unblock a toilet bowl, including plumber’s snake and hydrojetting.

If you are still unsure and require more details or advice, it is best to speak to a helpful drainage company.

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