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If you hear gurgling noises coming out from your toilets and sinks, as if your drainage system is trying to speak to you, or your pitch fibre pipes are nearing the end of their lifecycle, chances are that you require pitch fibre pipe repairs. All Drain Services drain clearance services can help assess, offer advice, and fix any domestic or commercial pitch fibre pipe repairs in the South-East of England without disruption. Our professional drainage engineers are available for emergency callouts and assistance 24 hours a day to ensure your drainage problems don’t escalate and prevent unnecessary damage.

unblocking a toilet

Signs of a Pitch Fibre Pipe Problem

Without being able to physically stick your head inside a drain pipe, it can be challenging to know if you have a pitch fibre pipe that needs to be repaired. However, there are a few early signs that if noticed, can prevent further damage to any drains or pipes.

Pitch fibre pipes have an estimated useful lifecycle of 40 years. After this period of time, the pipes start to go through a process of delamination which weakens the integrity of the pipe and makes them more prone to damage or collapse. 

If you would like professional drainage engineers to safely and efficiently find the cause and location of your pitch fibre drain problem, All Drain Services uses a camera to undertake CCTV drain surveys whether you are a homeowner or run a business.

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Identifying the Cause of Your Pitch Fibre Pipe Issues

The first step our expert drainage engineers take is to identify why your pitch fibre pipe needs to be repaired. This is essential to ensure that the pitch fibre pipe repair solution we provide is the most effective and long-lasting. Once we have located the issue, we will provide you with a fixed price quote so that there are no hidden surprises.

Most common causes of a needing a pitch fibre pipe repair may include:

  • Delamination: this happens in pitch fibre pipes when age, chemicals, high temperatures, or too much weight puts pressure on the pipes and causes the layers to separate and weaken, causing blockages.
  • Build-up of grease and fat: this is commonly found in kitchen sinks as grease and fat can solidify and stick to the inside of pipes. Over time, this build-up will narrow the pipe diameter and cause a blockage.
  • Tree roots: tree roots tend to grow where moisture is like your drains. Particularly when the pipes weaken and start to leak, these roots can grow into pipes, causing cracks and blockages.
  • Flushing of non-biodegradable items: nappies, sanitary products, wet wipes, and cotton buds should never be flushed down the toilet as they will not break down and will cause a blockage.
  • Build-up of scale: this is commonly found in older properties as the scale is a by-product of hard water. Over time, it will build upon the inside of pipes and cause a blockage.

Any of these causes, when left unattended, can result in a blocked drain. That’s why it’s crucial to have your drains regularly cleaned and unblocked by a professional drainage company.

Clearing Your Blocked Drains

Once you have agreed to our experts’ quote, we will get to work on clearing your blocked drainage. Depending on how severe the drain blockage issue is, we may use one or more of the following methods:

  • Drain jetting: this is a high-pressure water jetting system that is used to clear blockages and clean drains. It involves inserting a hose into the drain and blasting the blockage with water.
  • Root cutters: these are used to cut through tree roots that have grown into the pipe.
  • Drain rodding: this is a simple but effective way of clearing blockages. A steel rod is inserted into the drain and used to clear the blockage.
  • CCTV drain survey: this is a comprehensive drain survey that uses the latest technology to assess the condition of your drains.

Once we have cleared the drainage, we will carry out a full drain cleaning service to ensure that your drains are flowing freely.

Preventing Future Drain Blockages

Once we have cleared your drains, we will provide you with advice on how to prevent future drain blockages. This includes advice on what not to flush down the toilet and how to maintain your drains.

If you need a pitch fibre pipe repair, don’t leave it until it becomes a bigger problem. Contact us today, and we will be happy to help.

All Drain Services is a local drain cleaning company that offers a comprehensive drain unblocking service to both homes and businesses in the south of England.


24/7 Emergency Drain Service

If you have a drainage problem that needs immediate attention, give us a call. We’re available 24/7 for pitch fibre pipe repairs in the south of England. We understand that blocked drains can cause a lot of disruption, which is why we aim to get to you as quickly as possible to fix the problem and get your life back to normal.

Our team of drain repair experts are on hand to help with any pitch fibre pipe repairs, whether it’s a simple blockage or a more complex problem. We have years of experience in the drain service industry and we are equipped with the right tools to help you clear your drains quickly and efficiently. We also offer a drain cleaning service to keep your drains flowing freely and prevent any future blockages.

For a quick and efficient pitch fibre pipe repair service, call us now. We’re available 24/7 for all your emergency drainage needs.

Why District Drains Solutions?

While organising repairs for your pitch fibre pipes is inconvenient, leaving them can create a bigger problem down the line. You require drainage engineers that you can trust to provide an excellent service for your drainage issues. Your local engineer can be called 24 hours a day to provide you with a quick response and free callout, whether it’s pitch fibre pipe repairs or a question about your plumbing. We offer our domestic and commercial customers a satisfaction guarantee to ensure your property or company gets the treatment it deserves.

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Unblocking Drains FAQs

Pitch fibre pipes are made from wood cellulose, combined with inert coal tar pitch. They were considered a more cost effective, lightweight alternative to clay pipes. 

Pitch fibre pipes are commonly found on properties built between the 1950s and 1970s.

Over time, pitch fibre pipes start to delaminate. This means the layers start to separate which can cause water to leak or plant roots to infiltrate the pipes. High temperatures can also cause the tar to soften which causes the pipes to weaken. The best way to check the pitch fibre pipes is to have one of our engineers conduct a drainage survey.

We have local engineers all across the South of England.

Yes! We offer a 5% senior citizen discount on our services.

No, we do not charge a callout fee.

Our work will be priced based on half-hourly charges. Once the drain repairs have been made, any additional work will be carried out at an upfront fixed cost. Contact us to learn more about our pitch fibre pipe repairs.

Whether you’re a business owner or homeowner, it’s important to know that your property is safe and secure. We carry out CCTV drain surveys by checking both foul drainage as well as storm drains with an inspection camera which allows us to carefully evaluate each pitch fibre pipe. Alongside this, after the check-up we will provide a detailed report including what needs fixing, remedial solutions and an estimate of the pitch fibre repair cost.

We are recognised by the following organisations:

  • Water Jetting Association
  • NADC – National Association of Drainage Contractors
  • Federation of Small Businesses
  • EUSR – Energy & Utility skills register

If you are still unsure and require more details or advice about our unblocking drain services, it is best to speak to a helpful drainage company like All Drain Services.

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