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Experts in Drain Unblocking

Is water gushing over your floor? Sink, bath, drain, or even toilet overflowing? Then you probably have a blocked drain. Acting fast is crucial here because blocked drains and the flooding they cause can result in serious problems such as damage to property, and even pose a health risk to your family.

Luckily, our team of dedicated drain specialists here at All Drain Services can help. We offer Kingston 24/7 drain unblocking services so we’ll be there whenever you need us, fast!


Experts in Drain Unblocking

Signs of a Blocked Drain

Blocked drains need to be cleaned to prevent flooding, as well as damage to the pipes. However, spotting a blocked drain can be tricky! After all, it is not like you can climb into the drain pipes to see what is going on.

Fortunately, there are ways to spot whether your drain pipe may be blocked. The clearest of these is the smell. If you notice that there is a nasty smell coming from your drains, it suggests that food scraps are caught there and have begun to decompose and that you have a blockage. Noises such as gurgling, cracks, and flooding, as well as escaped sewage indicate that your drain has a problem and needs attention too.

The good news is that, whether you are a private homeowner or a business, our team at All Drain Services can locate the blockage or issue with your drain easily using a CCTV drain survey.

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Drain Unblocking Services We Offer In Kingston

If your drain in Kingston is blocked, District Drain Services is here. Request one or more of the many options below:

Unblocking drains

District Drain Services have all the equipment and experience to quickly deal with drain blockages whether they are straightforward or complicated.

Drain jetting

We can remove all kinds of build-up and blockages with a technique known as drain jetting. This is when we use high-pressure water jets to rid your drains and pipes of debris and fat build-up.

Toilet blockages

Toilet blockages are no joke, and we understand just how fast you will need help with this issue. That is why we offer 24/7 drain unblocking services that can help get your workplace or home back to normal as quickly as possible.

Sink blockages

Sink blockages are not only inconvenient, they can also emit foul odours, and be a risk to health, safety and hygiene. Fortunately, our dedicated and professional team is trained to handle all types of sink blockage whether they are located in the bathroom, the kitchen, or even outside.

Bath blockages

Taking a luxurious hot bath at the end of a hard day is a treat that many people enjoy. Yet, when your bath isn’t draining properly all the effort you put into relaxing can be so easily undone as you have to worry about whether there is a problem with the pipes.

At District Drain Services we can help restore your sense of zen, by unblocking your bath drain and cleaning the pipes, ensuring that it’s draining again as quickly as possible.

Gully blockages

Gullies are open drains that allow water to flow in through the top and are often found outside residential and business properties all across Kingston. Due to their open nature, they are ideal for dealing with larger volumes of water, but can also become blocked more easily due to their open top.

If you find yourself with a gully blockage to deal with then get in touch with our friendly, and dedicated team here at All Drain Services, who can deal with it for you, improving drainage, while also sparing you from having to do what can be a dirty and unpleasant job yourself.

Pipe blockages

For your drains to work effectively, they need to be connected to pipes that are clear and allow the water they collect to flow away. This cannot happen when a pipe is blocked, and often results in unwanted flooding.

Our expert team can remove pipe blockages, quickly and with ease to ensure unwanted water flows away from your property.

CCTV drain surveys

Here at District Drain Services, we pride ourselves on using the very best and most up-to-date technology to combat drain blockages.
Our most high-tech tool is our CCTV system which can be threaded into drains, quickly and accurately identifying the size and scope of the issues, and allowing us to deal with it in the most efficient manner.

Drain cleaning

All Drain Services Even offer support to property owners that do have an immediate problem but want to make sure their drains are well maintained in order to avoid future issues.
We do this by offering an extensive drain cleaning service, that will make sure that your drain continues to work effectively and protect your home or business.

Identifying the Cause of Your Blocked Drains

The very first task that our Kingston drainage engineers will complete is to work out where the blockage is in your drain and what is causing it. They need to do this because such information allows them to take the most efficient and effective action to remove the blockage. It’s also crucial that our drainage engineers complete this stage of the process because it means we can provide you, our clients with a fixed-priced quote for the coming work, something that means the only nasty surprises are the things we pull out of your drains!

The most common causes of a blocked drain may include:

Grease and fat

While these substances can seem slippery as we use them, they are bad news for your drains. This is because liquid or semi-liquid fats and grease can solidify and build up in your pipes over time leading to a blockage.

Tree roots

The moisture in your drains can be particularly attractive to tree roots, but sadly drains and roots don’t mix well together. Indeed, as the roots grow they can cause pipe blockages, and even crack and damage pipes leading to issues with your drainage system.

Flushing of non-biodegradable items

You’ve probably been in a restaurant or pub where there is a sign in the toilet about not flushing certain items like sanitary products, nappies and the like. Unfortunately, not everyone always abides by these directions, and some folks even forget in their own homes. Due to the fact that such things do not break down fully, this is something that can lead to a blockage that will significantly impair the efficacy of the drainage system.

All of the above situations left unresolved can lead to a blocked drain and the flooding that goes with it. Make sure this doesn’t happen in your home or business by getting a specialist drainage company to regularly clean and unblock your drains.

Clearing Your Blocked Drains

After the identification stage of the process has provided you with a fixed quote, our expert drainage engineers will get going on fixing the problem. How we will go about this will depend on the type and the severity of the blockage, and may include one or more of the following approaches.

Drain jetting: This is where we use water under high pressure to remove blockages, and clean pipes and drains. The drain jetting pipes will be placed inside the drain so the water that shoots out at high speed can break down the blockage.

Root cutters: These are tools that our dedicated engineers often use in their assignments. They work by cutting through any tree roots that have grown into pipes searching for water, thereby removing any blockage they cause.

Drain rodding: This is a straightforward method of removing drain blockages. Drain rods are made from steel and are inserted into the drain to dislodge blockages.

CCTV drain survey: This is where our drainage engineers introduce a camera to your drain and connected pipes to locate the site and scale of a blockage. CCTV drain surveys can also be used to examine the condition of your drainage system, and to assess whether it needs repair or cleaning work.

The great thing about the service our expert drainage engineer provides is that once the blockage has been cleared, they will then do a full drain clean to ensure that no more blockages form.

Preventing Future Drain Blockages

After we have unblocked your drains and got things flowing again our expert engineers will give you advice on how to minimise the risk of future blockages. This will cover how to perform maintenance on your drains, as well as the items you could avoid flushing to prevent build-ups that lead to blockages in the future.

Why District Drains Solutions?

Remember All Drain Services are experts in drain cleaning and unblocking. We are here to help and offer 24/7 drain unblocking in Kingston, for businesses and homes so we’re always available to help you when you need us most.

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24/7 Emergency Drain Service in Kingston

That the sooner you get your drains cleaned and unblocked the less likely there is to be a major problem such as a flood. That is why we offer 24/7 emergency drain services day and night! Speak to our knowledgeable representative today to book an investigation and fixed quote.