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It’s not always easy to know the cause of your drains being blocked. Oftentimes you can try unblocking drains by using household methods, like chemical cleaners or bringing out the old-fashioned plunger, but these are blind experiments that can actually cause damage to your drainage system. A detailed look inside your drain with a CCTV camera will allow you to understand the source of the problem, and our experts in Croydon will find the best solution to tackle it.

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How does CCTV Drain Survey work?

CCTV drain surveys are carried out by using a camera system to carefully navigate through your drains. The high-tech CCTV cameras then provide us with live visuals from inside your drainage system to give your engineer an accurate understanding of any issues that may be present. Following this in-depth analysis, our expert engineers will report the findings of the survey back to you, along with recommendations on whether a drain repair or drain cleaning is required. You may then arrange for this to be resolved with us, either immediately or at a later date.

Completing a CCTV drain survey ensures the correct solution is applied to the issue the first time.

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Identifying the Cause of Your Blocked Drains

When dealing with a drain blockage, the first thing that our professional engineers will do is to evaluate the situation. This entails a survey, usually using CCTV technology to identify the location and scope of the problem.

The data gathered from this survey will be used by the engineer and inform their options on how to proceed and effectively remove the blockage.

Performing an initial survey also makes sure that we can offer a fixed price quote to you, our customer. Thereby providing you with the peace of mind that your drainage issue will be fixed without any hidden or unexpected costs.
The most common causes of a blocked drain may include:

Grease and fat

Many things may be responsible for the drain blockage that you are experiencing, but one of the most common causes is grease and fat that solidifies. Many people use grease and fat in a heated liquid state while cooking, and forget that they will solidify as they cool, something that is often the cause of blocked drains and pipes.

Tree roots

Water is the one thing that drains and tree roots have in common. Unfortunately, that means tree roots can often find their way into drains and pipes looking for a regular water supply; something that in turn can lead to pipe blockages and in extreme cases more serious damage such as cracks.

Flushing of non-biodegradable items

Rules concerning what you can and can’t flush differ around the world. For example, in many places in Greece, flushing toilet paper is not allowed because the drains and pipes are too small to handle it. Fortunately, in Croydon, things are much better, and we are free to flush toilet paper. Although we still need to avoid disposing of other items that won’t break down in this way. What this means is cotton buds, sanitary products and nappies all have to be disposed of separately, because if they aren't, the risk of blockages is much higher.

No matter the cause, be sure to deal with it quickly, and efficiently by finding a professional Croydon drainage service that can investigate the cause of your blockage or issue using a CCTV drain survey.

Why District Drains Solutions?

When faced with the inconvenience of an issue with your drains, you will require drainage engineers that can be trusted to provide the best service. Your Croydon engineers at All Drain Services can be called 24 hours a day to provide you with a fast response at no callout fee, whether it’s a drainage emergency or a general query. We offer domestic and commercial customers a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that our work can match your standards, and give your property or company the treatment it deserves.

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24/7 Emergency Drain Service

Drainage problems are no laughing matter and if you find yourself in a situation where your drain is blocked, overflowing or flooded, it’s only common sense to want things to be fixed as soon as possible. That is why we offer drain unblocking services 24/7 in Croydon, which means you can call us any time, day or night and an experienced and proficient engineer will respond.

Straightforward, or complicated our drain engineer team has the experience and equipment that will get your home or business back to normal as fast as possible. We’ll even come out and clean your drains, ensuring proper maintenance and lowering the risk of problems further down the line.

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