Cracked Drain Repairs in Oxford: What are my options?

Cracked drains are a big problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. When left unfixed, they can cause a whole host of expensive issues for you and your property. Naturally, the obvious solution is to repair the problem. But, what are your options when exploring cracked drain repairs in Oxford

In this post, we’ll outline everything you need to know about cracked drains. We’ll tell you the best ways to fix the issue, as well as what causes it and why you need to take care of it ASAP. 

What Causes A Cracked Drain Pipe?

Cracked drains happen when part of the pipe begins to split, causing an opening or crack within it. As a result, this can lead to leakages and various other concerns. 

What can cause this? Normally, it’s one of the following issues: 

  • Corrosion in the pipes
  • Roots grow underground into a pipe, causing it to break
  • The natural movement of surfaces and materials underground

Understanding the cause of a cracked drain isn’t that important for you, the homeowner. However, it does help a professional drain repairs company to figure out the best way of permanently fixing the problem. 

How Do You Know If You Have Cracked Drains?

Unfortunately, it is not easy to know if you have a cracked drain. Well, there are some common signs, but because the drain is underground, you can never see it yourself. Therefore, you can only suspect that the problem exists. 

Here are some of the common signs of a cracked drain pipe:

  • Bad smells – naturally, a cracked drain can lead to foul odours sneaking their way up from underground and making your home smell unpleasant
  • Wet patches – do you notice some severe wet patches in one or two areas in your home? This can indicate a cracked drain as water is leaking through the crack and nowhere else
  • Visible cracks in your home – it is also possible that shifts in the foundations can lead to cracked drains, which will also mean you see cracks in your walls or floors. However, this is a pretty extreme sign of a cracked drain

What should you do if you believe you have this problem? Don’t waste time debating the right course of action; you need drain repairs as soon as possible or the issue can get worse. Simple call a drain repair expert in Oxford, and your drains can be surveyed to see if you do have a crack in the pipes. 

From here, you will be presented with the following repair options:

Slip Lining

This is the oldest method of repairing cracked drains and has existed for over 80 years. As such, it’s a tried and trusted tactic that is proven to work and prevent further problems. 

What is slip lining?

Slip lining uses rigid tubes that are inserted into the cracked drain pipe. Consequently, this offers more structure to the pipe, improving its structural integrity. This stops further leaks and repairs the cracked drain without a great deal of work needing to be carried out. Typically, slip line tubes are made from fibreglass. However, it’s not uncommon to see them in HDPE either. 

There are also two different methods of slip lining that may be employed depending on the severity of the crack. The first is called continuous slip lining, which involves the tube piece being inserted at once. Alternatively, segmented slip lining may be used, which installs the tube in multiple separate pieces. 


CIPP stands for Cured-in-place pipe. 

This is your second option for cracked drain repairs in Oxford, and it’s another method that’s been around for decades. While not as ancient as slip lining, it is still highly effective and can help to repair drains using trenchless technology. 

(Side Note: slip lining also uses trenchless technology. This is a type of subsurface construction work that uses as few trenches as possible, meaning very little excavation is needed during the process.)

How does the CIPP method work? 

It’s actually a very simple idea to understand. Here, a special material is inserted into the cracked drain pipe. This can be done in a number of ways, but the idea is to get the material inside, where it can then be expanded using an inflatable device. In doing so, the material forms a tube shape that swells up until it fits inside the cracked pipe. Essentially, this has now fixed the problem as the crack is no longer an issue. 

The secret behind the method is that the material includes resin, which is activated using water or UV light. As a result, the resin cures, which allows the tube to solidify itself to the drain, providing durability and structural integrity. 

Drain Replacement

The worst-case scenario for you is that your drain repairs require a full-scale replacement of the drain pipe itself. This tends to happen if the crack is so severe that neither of the previous ideas will work. 

In fact, this is why it’s so crucial to spot the signs of a cracked drain and call an expert right away. The sooner you identify the problem, the easier and more affordable it is to fix. 

A drain replacement will involve excavation work with trenches being built to remove the old pipe and replace it with a new one. It takes far longer than either of the previous methods and can be way more inconvenient. 

What Should I Do If I Need Cracked Drain Repairs in Oxford?

Firstly, you must keep a lookout for the telltale signs of cracked drains in your home. Then, you should call some drainage experts to survey your pipes and provide a rundown on what the issue is. If there is a crack, they will use one of the three methods above to fix the problem for you. 

To reiterate, it is super important to fix your cracked drains before they get out of hand. Ideally, you want to avoid a drain replacement at all costs!

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