10 Things You Need to Stop Putting Down Your Drains

Clogged drains are incredibly common yet easily avoidable. Contrary to what you might think, the majority of clogged drains have nothing to do with plumbing issues. More often than not, the source is yourself! That’s right, you’re making your drains get all blocked up and nasty because of a few bad habits. The team at All Drain Services has been on many drain-cleaning jobs and has seen loads of similar issues. Primarily, it comes down to what you’re putting down your drains. 

Certain things can go down while certain things can’t. Today, we’ll explain what you desperately need to stop putting down your drains to prevent them from clogging. 

Fats, grease & oils

You’ve just had a nice cooked breakfast at home and now it’s time to wash up. You take the frying pans and rinse them off down the sink. It seems fairly normal, but you’re washing a lot of grease, fat and cooking oil down there. 

This is bad!

Fats, grease & oils will all congeal within your pipes and mix with other debris to cause blockages. Stop putting these things down the sink – wipe them away or pour them into a food waste bin instead. 

Coffee grounds

If you use ground coffee at home, you should never throw it down your sink. Think about it, coffee grounds don’t dissolve in water, which is why you need some sort of filter when making your drinks. 

Therefore, if you pour them down the drain, they can stick to the side of pipes and mix with other things in your drainage system. When combined with things like fat, grease & oils, you end up with a congealed mess that causes a big blockage. Again, put your coffee in a food waste bin rather than down your drain. 

Pasta & noodles

Never throw your cooked pasta or noodles down the drain. Scrape them off your plate and into the bin as they will absorb water and cause blockages in the pipes. 

Noodles are considerably worse because they can wrap around garbage disposal blades and end up in tightly-wound balls. If you have some leftovers, do not put them down the drain! 


Rice is as problematic as pasta/noodles. The same problem occurs; you pour cooked rice down the drain and it takes on lots of water in the pipes. If there’s a cluster of rice stuck together, it will expand and make a big blockage that’s hard to remove. 


When you make a dough, you will typically combine flour with water. So, if you put flour down the drain, what do you think happens inside the pipes?

That’s right, the water and flour mix together, creating a dough-like substance that coats the internal piping. If you have ever handled dough, you’ll know how sticky it can be. When left in your pipes, it becomes like glue and will block the passage of anything else after a while. 

Kitchen towels

This is something you’re more likely to flush down your toilet rather than the sink. Still, it ends up in your drains and causes big problems. People think that kitchen towels are flushable because you flush toilet paper.

Realistically, kitchen towels are designed to be thicker and more absorbent. Consequently, they tend to ball up when flushed, creating a massive obstruction in your drains. If you want to avoid a backed-up toilet, never put kitchen towels down there!

Any disposable wipes

We’re talking about make-up wipes, cleaning wipes and – yes – toilet wipes. 

It’s advised that you avoid putting these wipes down the toilet as they can be too thick and hard to flush. You get the same issue as with kitchen towels; the wipes stick together and cause a big ball that blocks the drain. 

Some toilet wipes can be flushed, but they need to strictly state that they’re flushable and have passed tests. 

Cotton balls

Again, another common bathroom product you may be tempted to throw down the toilet. Unfortunately, cotton balls do not react well when flushed down the drain. They will solidify as they absorb so much water and get really hard and thick. 

As a result, the cotton balls can either cause a blockage right away or stick to the sides of the drainage system. As more things get flushed down the drain, they stick to the cotton balls and create a massive problem. 

Feminine hygiene products

There’s a reason that public toilets have feminine hygiene bins. These products are not designed to be flushed down drains, so put them in a bin. They won’t dissolve and will just end up causing blockages. 

Cat litter

Flushing cat litter down your toilet is not as smart as it seems. Cat litter isn’t water soluble, so it won’t flush easily. It stays in its regular form and can combine with sticky substances in your drains to form a hard blockage. Just follow the instructions on the cat litter when you buy it – don’t put it down the drain! 

Why are blocked drains a problem?

All of the things mentioned above will cause blocked drains in your home. Why is this a problem? It’s simple, blockages can lead to the following: 

  • Overflowing drains
  • Flooding in your home
  • Horrible smells coming from your drains
  • Property damage
  • Costly repairs

In reality, you should only put things like washing up liquid, soap, toothpaste, etc. down your drains. Yes, toilet paper can go down the toilet, but nothing else! 

Clean your drains today! 

Are you guilty of putting some of these things down your drain? You might think you’re in the clear as you’ve not suffered any blockages yet. However, it’s a good idea to undergo drain cleaning services just in case. This fully cleans your drains from any harmful debris, leaving them in tip-top shape. 
At All Drain Services, we provide expert drain cleaning services for those in need. Whether you want a routine drain cleaning or have a blockage that needs to be removed, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more.

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